Praise and FIREWORKS

Becoming a Family of 6, I mean, 7 through Adoption (and praising as we go)

Packing List January 2, 2014

Chi** Packing List 2013

                *things we didn’t end up using or needing

Darling Daughter was 13 months.



2 vinyl tablecloths (1 for play*, 1 cut up for changing pad—the hotel was clean so we didn’t need it on the floor, did use the other one in the airport as a changing pad)

Swim diapers (DD was scared to death of the bath so we didn’t try swimming, but you can’t buy these there, so take a few.)

Huggies  and Wipes (just a few for plane rides and long trips; bought most there)

Avent My First Cup/Nuby

Tongs  (DH didn’t pack and used his fingers to get the nipples out of the hot pot!)

Spoons/Bowl/Snack container

Puffs/Cheerios/Yogurt melts

Formula Dispenser

Thermos* (didn’t need for bottle water as we didn’t take any long trips)

Bibs (1 plastic wipe-down)

Burp Cloths (should’ve taken more to wipe her mouth; we usually used the hotel wash cloths but housekeeping was stingy in giving them to us)

Platex Drop-in Bottles/Liners (took 50, needed more)

Nail Scissors (to cut nipples)

Bottle brush (nipple part only)

Scented diaper trash bags ($1 and so worth it!)

Diaper rash cream/Baby Cornstarch

Brush/Comb/Bows : )


CA Baby Bug Spray (only used a couple times)

Toys:  stacking cups, linky rings, beach ball, bubbles, lovey, books, o-ball, stickers, Little People Wheelie (She liked the stickers and books the best.)


Sun Hat* (wasn’t very sunny but she looked cute)

Blankets (1 heavy, 1 light)

Lullaby CD

Small diaper bag (We did NOT take this and I so regretted it. We used the backpack for a diaper bag which was very inconvenient when just going to dinner or to the park for an hour or so.)



1 Sharpie* (saw on other people’s list but I never used it.)

1 piece of nice paper for footprint* (they did this paperwork before we got her so I did it when we got home)

Nice pens (for all the paperwork you still have to do!)

Small notebooks* (thought I’d write down stories from the guides, etc, but I didn’t; just use hotel stationary)

Duct tape (yes, we used it)

Adoption paperwork in sleeves (I took copies of our dossier and other important paperwork. Our agency said we wouldn’t need it, but I felt better having it and it didn’t take up much room.)


Neck case for passports and money (I hated this and next time will use a crossbody purse.)

Travel Ribbon for bags (to alert Facebook groups!)

A4 plastic folder with tie

Envelopes to organize fees

Red envelopes for gifts

Conversion cheat sheet



In addition to our regular stuff—

Wet Ones (travel packs)

Hand Sanitzer (small travel bottles)

Kleenex (travel packs)

Make-up Remover Towelettes ( I didn’t want to wash my face in the water, so these were great.)

Nail file

Sunscreen (for baby and us)

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder (so great for those hot, humid days!)

Bug spray towelettes and spray (didn’t need so much; only used at zoo and on Shamian Island)

Travel contact solution for carry-on

Saline solution (to rinse out my contact case; do NOT rinse in water!)



Medicine spoon/syringe*


Pedialyte (powder packets)*

Cipro (DH needed after lettuce from McDonald’s)

Pepto tablets (I was told to use this before meals to lessen the risk of feeling bad from the different food, but this caused me other problems and I don’t recommend it.  I did it for the first 3 days there.)

Hydrocortisone Cream




OTC cough/cold medicine*


Nix (could have used for scabies, too, according to pediatrician)*


Oatmeal bath packets* (in case our daughter had skin issues)

Vicks VapoRub and BabyRub*


Eyedrops (for contacts)

OTC ear drops for baby*

Saline and bulb for baby’s nose*

Baby Tylenol/Motrin and dosing chart*

*We didn’t need hardly anything.  I was so scared of getting sick from the air and the food, but we were fine other than a little sickness from lettuce.  Our doctors would not give us a prescription for antibiotics other than Cipro, so I took lots of OTC stuff we didn’t end up needing. I left most of it in Chin* with our guide in case other families needed it.



Dish soap and Laundry Detergent (I just put some in travel bottles instead of paying a lot to buy travel-size portions.)

Safety Pins* (in case her clothes were way too big, but the hotels have sewing kits, so I didn’t need to bother)

Stain stick

Ziploc baggies (all different sizes; we packed in them and used them for all sorts of things)

Reusable shopping bag* (you have to buy bags at Wal-Mart, but everywhere else gives you a bag; we really didn’t need this)

Plastic grocery bags*(hotels have garbage bags if needed)

Eye mask (for sleeping on plane—it helped)

Ear plugs (for sleeping on plane—they didn’t help, only annoyed me)

Officials’ gifts

Small flashlight* (didn’t need, hotels provided in room)

Small fan* (didn’t take and didn’t need; can ask for one at hotel if needed)

Mail tube (used for prints and embroidery)

Plastic forks/knife/spoons* (didn’t need; just got silverware from hotel restaurant if needed in our room)

Camera memory cards and chargers

Travel Lysol* (our hotel was clean and it would do no good in a squatty potty!)

Lock for Great Wall ($1 from Dollar Tree and so romantic)

Shopping list for souvenirs

Contact #’s  (family, agency, etc., since we didn’t have our cell phone)

Blanket for plane (didn’t need on plane but did use at the freezing Chicago airport)

Candy/gum for plane

Snacks* (We took way too many snacks! You can buy peanut butter at Wal-Mart there.  We used a few granola bars and that was about it.)


We took about 5 outfits each (wore one, one in carry-on, and 3 in suitcases; took baby 4 pj’s and about 7 outfits) 


Encouraging Words

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