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Sunset and Moonrise July 26, 2016

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I took no time for introspection or contemplation on my thirtieth fortieth birthday (Wait, how old am I?).  For the past several months, I have been consumed with completing adoption paperwork, grant applications, and an online auction.  Those activities provided plenty of time for introspection and contemplation (For example:  What is my worldview?  How do I describe my parenting style?  Who is God?).  My birthday provided time for sitting still, being present with my family, and marveling at God’s creation.


This beach is definitely one of God’s best creations.

Even though we took five children to the beach, there was much sitting…hallelujah!  Kristiana enjoyed herself immensely.  At first, she wasn’t so sure about the sand.  The children were all trying to be the first to put her little feet in the sand.  I wanted to be the first to put her feet in the sand, too.  However, Buddy beat us all, grabbed her up from the picnic table, and off they went.  It took her a while, but by the end of the night, she was digging those pudgy little fingers in!


She loved using the shovel and rake to dig in the sand.  I filled up a bucket with sand, and she used the shovel to empty it three times.


The water coming up on her feet sure made her giggle!


We stayed until after sunset (it’s setting in the picture above).  Little One has done great on her first few outings since being home; this was the biggest outing.  For the most part, we are staying home and just trying to get to know her and show her what it is to be a family.  She keeps surprising us at how easygoing and happy she is.

I will be writing more about Kristiana and her development in the next few weeks.  We have a screening for school and a doctor’s appointment to review the results from blood tests on EIGHT vials of blood this week.  After that will be appointments with specialists and therapists.  Regardless of what they say, we know she is fearfully and wonderfully made.  What a joy God has placed in our family.

We ended the night with the moonrise and really good ice cream cones.  The children and Chad all got baby scoops and I treated myself to a waffle cone with a quart of ice cream inside (or something like that).  It wasn’t a surprise party, a dinner in a rented hall, or a dance with balloons, but it was an amazing 4oth birthday…  just what I wanted.  Oh, and for those of you who have donated to Denise’s birthday wish, “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”


No, I didn’t eat it all!  I shared it with MaeMae, Kristiana, AND Chad.


The moonrise–a perfect ending to a perfect birthday.


2 Responses to “Sunset and Moonrise”

  1. Brigette Wilson Says:

    I’m glad it was a successful outing, I was wondering how it would go. Happy Birthday!

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!!!!!! I really miss going to the big lakes and walking on the beach, picking up stones. As a family of 7 we also spent time near Lake Huron when I was young. Praying Kristiana’s tests hold only good news.

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